Preparing a brand new concerto

Preparing for the first rehearsal. Sometimes you have to over-prepare. Sometimes you have to prepare just enough to be able to stay flexible. It depends who you’re working with and what you’re working on. This time, we have the luxury of having a week of rehearsals before the premiere. It was important to me, to have the whole picture in my head, the architecture of the concerto, and make sure that going into the first rehearsal, I’m not the one slowing the process down. That last bit can sound like setting the standard pretty low, but believe me, in some of the more complicated sections, it’s not. I worked off the score to understand the sound world we were going to be living in, but at the same time, with new music, all the magic starts happening when everyone comes together and we hear things for the first time. Then you understand what you really need to do.

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