Forgiveness through listening.

Choose someone.

Forgiving is a concert experience, in which you choose someone you feel ready to forgive and take the first step.

That someone can be you!

Part guided meditation, part live private concert.

You settle in, let yourself be guided through a meditation and be moved by a live violin performance. You return home, your heart filled with music and a personal practice you can repeat as many times as you need, for the rest of your life. 

Supported by music, you explore a relationship narrative that's been keeping you up at night or stuck in your life. You are invited to put that narrative through four “treatments", infusing it with humanity and empathy.

"Introducing empathy in your story is a radical act of faith in your own strength. You’re saying “it's not enough that I endured this and survived this, but I’ll go a step further and feel your story, too.”


It's one of the most generous things you can do for yourself, because it expands how you understand others and the world, and powerfully shifts how you can show up for yourself and those you care about."

          -Andréa Tyniec, violinist and creator of Forgiving

Music that leads the way.

Each stage of the practice is paired with a corresponding music piece to deepen your emotional experience. Past participants have found that being close to the music amplifies their emotions, insights and memories. Music helps you stay present when you get side-tracked by other thoughts, so you can easily focus.

06 Violin Sonata in A minor, Op 27, No 2
H. I. F. Biber


Eugène Ysaÿe

Sonata for solo violin, Op. 27, no.2

II. Malinconia - Poco lento

IV. Les Furies: allegro furioso

Ana Sokolović

Cinq Danzes per violino solo, II

A. Tyniec



"I wasn't sure what to expect going to a forgiveness practice but I was amazed by the amount of introspection it was quickly able to spark. I discovered that there were things I thought I was holding onto that I wasn't. There were things I hadn't thought of that I was. As I started to release, I felt the urge to reconnect with people that had been impacted by the things that I had unknowingly held onto. I did reconnect the following day and it felt so liberating." 

-Shariayar Nasir (participant)

"Powerful experience last night with our community & @andreaviolin"

An opportunity to come together and begin the practice of forgiving (...)


Gratitude to everyone for coming together and sharing your energy with the group." 

-Chrysalis Yoga, Burlington (host)

Forgiving is for you if you:

Is this for me?

need to clear the air with someone, but you’re not there yet.

say you’re over that horrible break-up, but you secretly know you’re not.

have someone you must face on a daily basis and you project onto them, telling yourself that “they’re” hurting you, or driving you nuts.

are stuck in a blame cycle and have looping conversations in your head with someone, making them wrong

can’t be happy for someone you know

feel yourself to be undeserving

were deeply hurt by someone’s action, or mistake, and it affects your life to this day

feel you failed at something that mattered and you’re unable to process it: instead you reach for your phone, or go to the cupboard for a snack

experienced a change in your health and struggle to be at peace with your body

If you’re human, you belong.

The structure of the event takes inspiration from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World. Informed by personal experience and up to date research, Forgiving's intention is grounded in what unites us, not what separates us and is not aligned with any religion or belief system. It’s a spiritual practice founded on universal humanity.


How long is the event?

About 75 minutes. You can stay a while longer afterwards to chat with others and connect with me.

Will I be sharing my story out loud?

No, it all happens in the privacy of your own head. When it’s over, you’re welcome to share any insights you had, or not.

What’s the dress code?

Come wearing something comfortable, especially if you sit on a meditation cushion or choose to lie down.

What if I’m working through a traumatic event, can I still come?

Yes, absolutely. It’ll be better to choose someone you’re ready to forgive, and to think of an “I can deal with this” sized event related to that person. Later on, you can gradually choose more challenging situations. Though attending a Forgiving event isn't a replacement for a session with a trained therapist, it can support your therapeutic process. 

About Andréa:

Andréa Tyniec is a concert violinist and soloist who has garnered standing ovations across North America and Europe. As an enthusiastic explorer of new music, she has premiered and recorded concertos by Canada’s leading composers, for the label ATMA.

As she began rising in her performance career, she also started suffering from Interstitial Cystitis. Though there was no known cure, she embarked on her healing journey through studying the mind-body connection. This led to her practicing ashtanga yoga for 7 years, as well as various forms of meditation, and ultimately,  forgiveness as a formal practice. 

Forgiving was born of her desire to combine her life-long experience as a musician and performer, her passion for health and vitality, and her personal musical improvisation language into a seamless experience for others.

Today, Andréa performs internationally, teaches, and lives with her partner, step-daughter and cat in Toronto, Canada.